Be kind my friends ….


Why People Leave

Yes. People come and people go

But there’s something different with me 

It’s like they put on a show,

Before they change and leave. 

They see the real me, damaged, broken. 

This is something that goes unspoken. 

They say they want to help, I believe it’s true. 

But let me ask you one thing;

Where are you when I actually need you?

Mental Illnesses

-Are more real than people want to believe-

You are surrounded by those suffering in their own minds. You see scars so deep, you can almost see the tears within them. Feel the pain. When others see scars, they say you are weak. But I can argue just the opposite. You have fought the most difficult battle known to man. You didn’t win exactly, but you survived. You survived the nights you felt like the world would be happier without you. The sleepless nights full of tears. When the silence was deafening. And your heart hurt physically because it couldn’t hold any more pain. Then you think you must turn to other things to numb that pain. But that is when you truly lose the battle. Stay Strong Love!!! ♥

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